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Authors & Writers

Bill Sardi's - Knowledge of Health Bill Sardi first caught my attention by writing some of the best nutrition articles on macular degeneration and eye health I had ever read. Since then I've always read and enjoyed the many articles he has written. I think you will really enjoy and get a lot out of his very informative website.

Liz Lipski Phd, CCN - Nutritionist and author of several books on digestion. This links you to her free library with articles on Insulin Resistance & Diabetes, Polycystic Ovary disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, Quercetin & Functional Medicine.

The People's Pharmacy - Joe & Terry Graedon are a husband and wife team of pharmacists who have a lively and informative radio show on South Carolina public radio. They are from Chapel Hill North Carolina and are very progressive on their views of nutrition and herbs. They give great information about prescription drugs and their safety and efficacy also. 

James LaValle, R.Ph.,C.C.N,M.S. - Author of one of my favorite nutrition books Cracking the Metabolic Code. Has an institute in Cincinnati Ohio. He is one of the top nutritionists in the nation.  


Children's Nutrition

Ask Dr. Sears a family of nutrtionally oriented pediatritions - this is a mega site for parents on any question related to childrens health.

NAET - Allergy elimination technique  Dr. Jacob Tietelbaum MD says this technique can be almost miraculous with autism. It is used to treat allergies.


Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load David Mendosa's website has wonderful lists on how foods affect blood sugar levels. The glycemic load list is particularly helpful for anyone who is diabetic, hypoglycemic or has cancer and needs to know which foods to eat. is another good site.

Worlds Healthiest Foods - a website with lots of information about the optimum foods for eating - Check out the world's healthiest foods A - Z it is an incredible resource of information. Created by George Mateljan & Joseph Pizzorno N.D. founder and past president of Bastyr University.

The Vegetarian Resource Group - This site is a portal to lots of diet and recipe information for the vegetarian. If you want to learn more about becoming a vegetarian explore this site. 

Raw Foods Diet - if you are interested in learning more about eating raw foods this is the website for you. 

Fiengold Diet - A dietary program that was the first to identify artificial colors and preservatives in foods being linked to hyperactivity in children.

Eat Right For Your Blood Type -Dr Peter D'Adamo's website all about eating the foods that work best with your blood type. Different diets for the different blood types A, B, AB & O. 

DASH Dietary approaches to stop hypertension. A diet that has been proven to work as well as conventional drugs to lower high blood pressure. Note substitute the margarine for Earth Balance the rest of the diet is great.This is the pdf of the booklet you normally buy.

The Nutrition Source at Harvard School of Public Health.  Excellent up-to-date info on what you should be eating. Get their monthly e-newsletter, "Nutrition Source Update," designed to help you cut through misinformation.

FODMAP Living:  If you have chronic minor or major digestive distress (IBS, IBD & more), you will want to explore this website.  FODMAPs is an acronym that stands for Fermentable Oligo-, Di- and Mono-saccharides, and Polyols. Some researchers believe that your digestive symptoms may come from a sensitivity to FODMAP foods, rather than gluten. Find out what FODMAP foods are, what you need to eat, what to avoid and more.

David Mendosa -  Glycemic Index/Load.  Go to Helpful info for people trying to lose weight or with conditions like diabetes. Scroll down and locate "Most Popular Articles and Blog Posts." Click on anything that mentions Glycemic.

Dash Diet from National Institute for Health:National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute:  Dash Diet is a flexible and balanced eating plan some researchers recommend for high blood pressure and heart disease.

Oldways: A food and nutrition nonprofit that explores the food pyramids, recipes and health studies pertaining to different cultural food traditions. One size does not fit all.  There's the Mediterranean Diet, African Heritage Diet, Latin American Diet, Asian Diet and the Vegetarian/Vegan Diet.


Doctors & Practitioners

Joseph Mercola DO Dr. Mercola is an Osteopath and is one of the most generous information suppliers on the web. I recommend that you sign up for his E-mail newsletter. I have found it to be really helpful.

Dr. Michael Murray ND America's pre-eminent Naturopathic Physician, author of many excellent books on health issues. He recently totally updated his website and now has an excellent section on diseases and conditions and what you can do to support your body. Sign up for his E-mail newsletter - it comes about every other month and is excellent. 

Tori Hudson ND - Here are 11 great articles on women's health issues written by one of America's premier naturopathic physicians who specializes in women's health and author of the outstanding book Encyclopedia of Women's Health. 

Jacob A. Teitelbaum, MD - Is the nutritional authority on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. His classic book on the topic End Fatigue Now and new book just published on Pain Management are excellent. His web site is an incredible resource of outstanding information on Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and so much more including free questionnaires that will analyze your degree of fibromyalgia and fatigue. He also has YouTube video's on these topics. There are 13 centers around the nation that treat this condition and are available at this website.

David Perlmutter MD - Is a nutritionally oriented neurologist who practices in Naples Florida - he has done a lot of work with Parkinson's disease and is the author on numerous books on the brain. His blog is very informative especially pertaining to neurology For an archive of older articles he has written check

Donald Yance, CN, RH (AHG) is one of the most brilliant practitioners I have ever known, specializing in chronic disease and cancer support.  His Mederi Center in Ashland, Oregon, is devoted to wholistic health and healing through patient care, research and education.

Jason Miller, Lac, DACM, Dipl.CH, CAK. Jason focused on the management of cancer and chronic disease.  He bridges Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern biomedical therapies & diagnostic tools, integrating the best of both worlds. Read more about his clinic, Jade Mountain Medicine, in Ashland, Oregon:

Jonathan Treasure, MNIMH(UK)  British educated and uniquely qualified in the field of herbal medicine and cancer. He trained both in biomedical science and western herbal medicine, and his clinical practice provides cutting edge guidance for people with cancer.  He makes use of internet technology to consult with patients and medical professionals all around the world.  His clinic is located in Ashland, Oregon.

Dr. Andrew Saul Phd. author of the book Doctor Yourself. This website is loaded with really great stuff - you can index the section on the left for condition or practicioner and access mucho info.

Tieraona Low Dog MD - Is a Native American Woman who began as a practicing herbalist who became president of the American Herbalists Guild. She became an MD and curently works at the University of Arizona. She has recieved many acolades from Presdent Bill Clinton to Time Magazine. Some great articles are available here.

Dr Christiane Northrup MD - America's primier women's health advocate. Author of The Wisdom of Menopause, Mother - Daughter Wisdom and Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom. Check out her new weekly podcast - go to our podcast section off the front page of our website.

Dwight McKee, MD He is at the forefront of the application of Integrative medicine to cancer care. He is board certified in medical oncology, hematology, nutrition, and integrative and holistic medicine He co-authored an excellent book, After Cancer Care: The Definitive Self-Care Guide to Getting and Staying Well for Patients after Cancer.

Aviva Romm, MD A midwife, herbalist, Yale trained physician, and an award-winning author. Created the first Integrative Medicine program at Yale and has spent nearly 30 years as a healthcare practitioner and advocate for the health and environmental concerns of women and children.  Visit her website for trainings, articles, her books. Read a great bio here:

Dr Hyla Cass MD 

Dr Christine Horner MD focuses on nutrition and auryvedic medicine primarily for Breast Cancer and Women's health issues. 

Dr David Brownstein MD - I heard this Holistic Physician on Dr Ronald Hoffman MD's radio show and he really impressed me. He has written numerous books and really tells it like it is about the real truth about the major prescription drugs and their problems. 

Dr Ronald Hoffman MD - Is a nutritionally oriented medical doctor who practices in New York City. His podcast is my favorite nutriton radio show. You can download and subscribe to his show in the podcast section of our website - go back to the front page and find the podcast center. There are  many useful articles on this site. To subscribe to the bodcase - or click here for numerous articles on a variety of health topics and conditions. is a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) education website that has a list of Medical Doctors and Naturopathic Physicians who have protocols and lots of great information on a wide variety of health conditions - a great reference site to visit and use. 


Environmental Pollution

Electrical Pollution This site gives valuable and shocking information about electrical energy pollution eminating from our WY-FI's, computers, fax machines, refrigerators, energy saving florescent light bulbs and more and what you can do to neutralize it. Many heath conditions such as asthma, MS like symptoms and neurological ailments may be greatly aggravated from this kind of pollution!



Fluoride Action Network 


Global Warming

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy  
Rainforest Alliance 



Seeds of Deception - info from an incredibly scary book about the long lasting health and environmental nightmare of Monsanto's GMO's 

Non GMO shopping guide - to the brands and foods that you can trust 

Info website about issues revolving around the hazzards of GMO's 



Herb Research Foundation an excellent clearinghouse of current scientific information about herbs.

American Botanical Council - Mark Blumenthal The Heral Gram is the finest publication on herbs and botanical information published in the United States if you are really into learning about herbs get a subscription they deserve and need your support. Thanks to Now Foods all back issues of the Herbal Gram and Herb Clips summaries of 100's of clinical studies on herbs are available here. 

Michael Tierra Lac - Michael is one of America's best known herbalists and the author of the renowned book The Way of Herbs and 3 other excellent books. This site is loaded with great stuff! Go to the articles section and scroll down, there is enough great stuff there to keep you busy for a couple of weeks!

"Herbal Ed Smith" was co-founder of Herb Pharm back in 1979, and is still regarded as one of America's most respected and knowledgeable herbalists.  
Today, it's hard to find his podcasts,  but here's a list of past titles worth looking for:
Here's one podcast to get you started:
Go here and click "PLAY ALL', to enjoy some of his short podcasts:

Christopher Hobbs - is a 3rd. generation herbalist and one of America's best has an excellent website with wonderful information - he also has lecture notes from his teaching at Bastyr University you can access as well as photo's and brief summaries of numerous botanicals and more. He also has excellent information on Hepatitis C go to his herb information section and click on the very bottom of the page where you see Hepatitis C written and lastly a great section on medicinal mushrooms next to that. 

David Winston - another one of our favorite herbalists and creator and owner of the Herbalist Alchemist line of liquid herbal extracts. (see our product information website for Herbalist Alchemist.) 

Chanchal Cabrera - is from Scotland and lives on Vancouver Island BC in Canada. Specializes in Cancer and Fibromyalgia. She works with Donald Yance in training physicians in integrative oncology in Ashland Oregon. We hope to bring her to Savannah in late May 2008 for a seminar.

Steven Foster - one of the best photographers of medicinal plants and co-author of the Pederson's Field Guide to Medicinal Plants has a very informative webpage on Herbs with excellent links to James Dukes library and much more. 

Ryan Drum Phd. is a brilliant, fun, delightful, at times eccentric and most of all if I could choose anyone in the world to be my next door neighbor it would probably be Ryan Drum. He is best known for his incredible knowledge of kelp and bladderwrack and their uses in treating thyroid disorders, he has another great article on Thyroid on Michael Tierra's website (see above) its in the articles section.Ryan is also the best known medicinal plant wildcrafter in the nation. You will love his humor when you read his articles on herbs.

Chris Killham has written many articles on herbs and has traveled extensively around the world finding them. This link has a number of decent general articles on some of the more interesting botanicals that are becoming more popular.

Rosemary Gladstar, Herbalist: Widely considered one of the grandmothers of modern herbalism, read more about her here: You can still enroll in her popular herbal home study course, The Science and Art of Herbalism:  Or join the effort  to save the at-risk herbs at United Plant Savers (She was the founder and is still on Board of Directors):  Her videos  are widely available!  So go to Then type in Rosemary Gladstar and view her list. You'll also want to collect and read her books. They're available at most book sites, but I like to support

Medical Herbalism - Paul Bergner - A Journal for the Clinical Practioner Paul Bergner is the editor of this journal and an outstanding herbalist. For a wealth of great articles on Medical Herbalism, Clinical Articles and Case Studies click here For information on Materia Medica & Pharmacy click here 

Michael Moore - is considered the Herbalists, Herbalist. He specializes in herbs from the southwestern part of the US. His site is loaded with links including video herb walks and hundreds of photographs of botanicals and much more!

David Hoffmann B.Sc. (Hons) N.M.I.M.H. - is a British Medical Herbalist practicing in California. He has written several of the most respected herbal books including Medical Herbalism currently considered to be one of the finest technical herbals written. 

Matthew Wood - A highly respected herbalist who lives in the northern Minnesota woods and is the author of several outstanding herbal books. He uses almost homeopathic doses of herbs in his therapies and his books discuss the energetics of herbs. 

Patricia Howell AHG - Is one of the most respected herbal practitioners and educators in the Southeast and our best known herbalist from Georgia. She has a school in Northeast Georgia in Rabun County near Clayton, Ga. Author of Medicinal Plants of the Southern Appalachians. She has an herbal school Botanologos. 

American Herbalists Guild - is the National Organization for practicing herbalists. 

Medicines from the Earth sponsors 2 national seminars on herbal medicine - one in Black Mountain, North Carolina the first weekend of June every year. This is an outstanding event and open to anyone seriously interested in Herbal Medicine.

Herbcraft - H- this links page takes you to lots of other great herbal Links Pages.




Homeopathy The National Center for Homeopathy is the National Organization for information about Homeopathy. I have been a member since 1991. They are the organization in the United States when it comes to Homeopathy.

Homeopathy Home gets you into a big website with lots of great stuff about homeopathy

George Vithoulkas - International Academy of Classical Homeopathy - George Vithoulkas is considered one of the worlds greatest practicing homeopaths. He is from Athens Greece. His website has a complete materia medica section for learning about individual homeopathic remedies and video's of him lecturing in English on various topics pertaining to Homeopathy.

Robin Murphy ND - Robin Murphy's Repretory and Materia Medica are some of the most utilized books in Homeopathy World Wide. He taught me Homeopathy and visits Savannah periodically. His website Lotus Health Institute has Homeopathic information on it and a lot more. He teaches QiGong and much more.

Julian Winston was the editor of Homeopathy Today magazine and an extrodinary person passed away in June 05. His contribution to Homeopathy was huge - visit his website it is wonderful and full of great homeopathic information.

Two more good homeopathic sites with plenty of info.

Dana Ulman is the leading spokesperson for Homeopathy in the United States, his company Homeopathic Educational Services has great information about homeopathic books and tapes available


Magazines Online

Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients - You have to go to the archives section but there is a lot of interesting stuff here for the person who wants more in depth info - Dr Alan Gaby MD's reviews of research and a whole lot more.

Life Extension Foundation - Go to the archives of the magazine to find info on the newest supplements and anti-oxidants - lots of informative articles.

Alive - Canada's top natural health website. 10,000 pages of content - all issues since 2000 including the Encycloepdia of Natural Healing ( a great reference book).

News Target - an online information resource on all kinds of health issues including interviews.

Total Health Magazine - Contains many good articles from best known top nutritional writers

The Herbal Gram - is the best known journal on herbal medicine published in the United States.

Ode Magazine - one of my personal favorite magazines. Positive information about people who are contributing to positive transformation of the planet. Dedicated to the optimist.


Nutritional Research

Vitasearch is a link for the more technically oriented customer or practitioner who wants the most current data available. Frankly this website blows my mind. It is the data resource I have been looking for years! Weekly research updates in the form of clinical pearls. Expert interviews that are short and to the point - the list is extensive and CoQ10 research.

Alternative Medicine Review - from Thorne Research. All the back issues with many technically oriented articles in a PDF file on Botanical Medicine and Nutritional Medicine written by the top Naturopathic Physicians, Medical Doctors and Researchers. 

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition - this is the most respected journal on nutrition published in the United States - these are technical articles.

Vitamin D Council - this site has the best information on Vitamin D research anywhere. Dr. Jim Cannell MD is considered by many to be the authority on Vitamin D. Vitamin D research is coming at us in landslides and may be the most important of all.

Health Line a mega site for health and disease information including medical testing and treatments.

Healthy Net is a mega link with a huge amount of information about all types of alternative medicine. Check out the interview section.

Dr. Richard Passwater Phd. has always been a favorite of mine has 35 different interviews with top nutrition experts like Lester Packer Phd. the grandfather of anti-oxidant research. Hear interviews. Also there are 2 other interview sections with great interviews on a variety of other topics pertaining to holistic health and lifestyles.

Paris Kidd, PhD.  I've always considered Dr. Kidd to be the go-to man on nutrition and brain function.  He knows more about PS Phoshytidyl Serine, CDP - Choline,  and how to nutritionally help the brain than just about anyone I know. Read more about him here: 

Michael Colgan Phd. - The Colgan Institute - I was a big fan of the sports nutrition research that Michael Colgan did in the 1990's and I just rediscovered him. 

The Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University - is a excellent website for scientific research on vitamins, minerals, flavanoids, diseases and much more. 

Orthomolecular Medicine - Founded by Dr. Abram Hoffer MD. Their work in nutrition and psychiatric illnesses championed new approaches in mental health.

Natural Products Foundation (NPF)  They produce Natural News Update, a weekly news and information resource

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. This site has many summaries of clinical studies on numerous health conditions.

Fish Oil Research - sponsored by Nordic Naturals Fish Oils. This site has the specific scientific research on Fish Oils.

Douglas Laboratories - Articles Lots of good detailed articles on nutritional topics written by many of the top researchers in the United States.


Organics & Pesticide

Report Card on Pesticide Residues - very informative site about which fruits and vegetables have the highest and lowest residues of pesticides and what they do to you 

Organic Consumers - Lots of info on issues affecting foods, GMO's, pesticides and environmental issues. 

The Good Guide - This site is dedicated to giving the consumer accurate information on the safety, environmental and social responsibility of companies and products used for cleaning and personal care - such as shampoos, skin care and cosmetics - each product is rated so it is easy to buy products knowing they are safer and supporting those companies who champion good environmental and social issues. 

Cornucopia Institute - is dedicated to helping family scale farms. The organic integrity project acts as a corporate watchdog on keeping organic standards in place 

Center for Food Safety 
Pesticide Action Network  
Environmental Working Group 
Green Facts - Health and Environmental information for the consumer 

The Ecologist - a British magazine dedicated to the protection of the environment - it covers European and North American environmental issues. 


Politics, Food & Nutrition

Citizens for Health - Citizen's for health follows what is going on in Washington and stays on top of legislative issues affecting health issues. This is a great organization to join. 



Recycling Information 


Seafood Safety



Council for Responsible Nutrition - clearinghouse for accurate information about vitamin supplements. When you need clear information about vitamin studies negative or positive in the media CRN clears the "fog".

Kefir Information - from Donna Gates website - author of the Body Ecology Diet.
More Kefir information
How to make Kefir
Spirulina Information and Research
Bee Pollen, Propolis & Royal Jelly Information
Pycnogenol Information

National Institute of Health, Office of Dietary Supplements:  Lots to explore here, including their Dietary Supplement Facts Sheets.  They provide lots of current info on vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements. Mission: "Strengthening Knowledge and Understanding of Dietary Supplements."  Available in 2 versions, Health Professional and Consumer. 

National Institute of Health, The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine  (NCCAM). Health info, research, clinical trials, training opportunities and more. Options for email updates & news feeds: Search CAM on PubMed:

Cochrane Library "Search" on  the "About Us" page allows you to type in the disease or condition to read the latest science-based info: On that same page, you can watch an excellent video about who they are and what they do.  "Trusted evidence. Informed decisions. Better health."

Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University  Continues the work of Dr. Pauling's work in "vitamins and other essential micronutrients that play a significant role in enhancing health and preventing disease."  Go to their "About" page and you can sign up for emails & a free research newsletter; read about current research; access the Micronutrient Information Center."

Environmental Working Group.   Go to site for info on all kinds of environmental concerns. They bring us the "Clean Fifteen" and the "Dirty Dozen" each year, based on pesticide residue in foods. I enjoyed the Consumer Guides section and was able to find current info on some of my current concerns.

The Number Needed to Treat. Provides quick summaries of evidence-based medicine. Evaluates therapies in light of help or harm.