Listen and Learn

Listen and Learn

We're constantly learning from podcasts, You Tube, and other audio and video sources, like Medicines from the Earth. We're starting to produce some material of our own, and hope to branch out into more content from the Brighter Day Team. Here's what we would like for you to know now! Stay tuned... 

Free Access to Excellent Webinar Replay! Adaptogens: Ancient Medicines for 21st Century Stress by Aviva Romm, M.D., herbalist

Recording of Digestive Health Lecture! The Diva of Digestion, Brenda Watson, discusses your digestive system, gut immunity, and what you can do to improve your overall health.

Listen to more from Brenda Watson on You Tube

Watch demo from The Happy Honey Pot, a new local company, making natural selfcare products, and offering community events

How to Use Dr. Singha's Mustard Bath

Peter Talks About Flu Prevention

Watch Peter Brodhead talk about the benefits of bitters.

Listen! Explore PGX to support a weight loss program and proper blood sugar levels. Steve Lankford, host of Health Quest, interviews Dr. Michael Murray & Dr. Michael Lyon.

Natural MD Radio: Mindy Green one of the great experts on the Healing Power of Essential Oils

Some of Mindy's videos, audio and articles:  

Video: Stress During the Holidays? Learn the 4-7-8 Breath Meditation Exercise

What herb from the South Pacific can support muscle relaxation & a calm peaceful mind?

Learn about 2 amino acids that help support a calm brain and feelings of relaxation.  Just stir into juice....

Learn About Peter's Super Smoothie Ideas! You can add more than fruit and protein powder...

Hear Dr. Jason Miller's talk: CBD: Observations from Clinical Research

We recorded the important Back to School lecture!  Listen here

Listen to Carl Germano on CBD:

Listen to Dr. Aviva Romm & dr. Larry Rosen in conversation about Anxiety in Our Kids on Natural MD Radio

Peter talks about easy way to increase omega-3 to optimal levels in the body, based on recent research.

What new product do we carry that supports optimum absorption of CBD and so much more? Learn more...

"Neural Balance: The Key to Calm"  for kids & adults.

Want to be calm, relaxed & focused? Try Tao in a Bottle by Dragon Herbs!

Benefits of Purple Sweet Potatoes