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Read and Learn

Please explore! We'll share our favorite written information from Brighter Day and from around the web: current training notes, articles, blog posts and reports; plus some favorites from past years. Our whole team is contributing ideas so that we can keep you informed on  interesting topics. 

Brenda Watson, the Diva of Digestion! Explore her website to learn more digestion, probiotics, fiber and immunity.

Keto Diet? Read this article from Tieraona Low Dog, M.D. about the benefits & Risks.

Explore new local business, The Happy Honey Pot! Products available at Brighter Day.
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Read more about your digestive system, how it works & why it's so important

An Article from Banyon Herbs on creating radiant health & beauty

How to keep your Agni or Digestive Fire strong and balanced

More About Digestion and Ayurveda

Ayurveda guidelines for gorgeous, healthy hair.

Ideas from Gaia Herbs for Creating a Peaceful Holiday Season 

Best Foods to Eat in Winter

Plan Twelve Days of Mindfulness for December or January

9 Self-Care Techniques that Take 10 Minutes or Less

Yoga and Herbs to Support Relaxation

5 Herbs for Healthy Stress Management*

Dr. Aviva Romm's Homemade Vapor Chest Rub

Great Gifts: DIY Body Care -  Learn to make body and facial scrub, bath salts, massage or body oil, body powder & more gifts using essential oils.

Great Gifts: Teas & Health Potions - Recipes for  herbal bitters & other digestive aids & teas, thyme honey, bone broth soup, Golden Milk Extra

Make Dr. Aviva Romm's Paleo Energy Balls

Make Your Own Elderberry Syrup Using This Recipe From Wellness Mama Website

Make some fermented vegetables to give friends

Gaia Herbs Recipes for DIY Balms, Salves & Unguents for Holiday Gifts

Gaia offers these recipes for Festive Herbal Mocktails!

Use Aura Cacia Essential Oils to Make Wonderful Gifts

Bath Balms

Roll-on Perfume Oil with Frankincense & Myrrh Essential Oils

Whipped Body Butter with Frankincense & Myrrh Essential Oils

Great Recipes from Frontier Herbs

Great food gift ideas

Make herbal salves for friends & family

Make your own spice-infused oils & vinaigrettes

Set up a hot cocoa bar for your next gathering or party

Article: Spices that Heal: A Closer Look at Pumpkin Spice

Article: Waste Not - 7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Halloween Pumpkins

Article:  Mindfulness and Gratitude: Being Thankful This Season

Article: Natural Approaches for Seasonal Allergies

Article: Delicious Ways to Use Black Elderberry Syrup This Fall

Article: Homemade Vapor Chest Rub

A New Study Recommends How to Get Optimal Omega 3s

Back to School Lecture: Brain Waves, ADD/ADHD Lecture Notes, ADHD and Your Family

Hemp Fusion Training

Castor Oil Pack

Probulin Education

DoMatcha: The Way of Health

Easy Meals for Busy Days

Why Take Bitters?

Which Bitters is Best for You?

Great Gifts! DIY Bodycare

Great Gifts! Teas & Health Potions

Wellness Brochure from Source Naturals

Ayurvedic Summer 1: Lifestyle

Ayurvedic Summer 2: Foods

7 Uses of Coconut Oil

Ayurvedic Ideas to Sooth the Skin

Improve Your Microbiome in 1 Day

Fermented Veggies Recipe

Let's Get Cultured: Fermented Food Guide

Functional Predictive Biomarket Tests


Unraveling Obesity - All Roads Lead to the Brain

Is Activating AMPk Answer for Weight Loss?

Irvingia (African Mango) & Weight Loss

Peter's Blog on Bloodwork Tests

Brighter Day on GMOs


Essential Oils Support Well Being

Nutritional approaches to hypertension

18 Rules for Greater Health

Saying No to GMOs

Foods to lower cholesterol

ADD-ADHD simple notes

12 things you can do for weight loss

Surgery Protocol

Essential Oils and Aroma Therapy

Unlocking the Power of Foods

Nutritional Approach to Support MS

12 Tissue Salts


Basic Rules on How Cancer Behaves

Weight Loss

Healing the Gut and Working with Food Allergies


Natural First Aid Remedies